Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Esoteric aromatherapy

Lets be honest there is an esoteric side to essential oils which have always been incorporated in traditional religious, social and family practices. Talk of angels giving a helping hand makes even priests uneasy these days. The frenchman in me on the one hand is as rigourous when it comes to science and labelling as any englishman but on the other hand is happy of all the help he can get whether from angels or anyone else.

Where things go wrong is when there is a failure to remain firmly rooted in this world when it comes to labelling. Essential oils must always be firmly and clearly labelled with 'haptens' allergens, GS1 barcode and instructions if they are to be used in a professional environment. If blended the bottle or container must be labelled if it is to remain with the recipient however briefly. If aromatherapy is used it must be with the wholehearted support of all concerned. This takes a great deal of trust and communication and clear labelling can help. Dont leave it to the angels they have enough to do.

Angelic qualities: abundance, adventure, balance, blessings, communication, courage, creativity, efficiency, enthusiasm, faith, flexibility, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, harmony, healing, humour, inspiration, intuition, joy, light, love, patience, peace, play, power, purification, purpose, reliability, responsibility, romance, simplicity, spontaneity, spiritual growth, strength, study, synchronicity, trust, truth, understanding. Yup we could all do with a little of that

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
psalms 91:11




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