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The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma can be obtained by two pathways
4 weeklong taught modules in the UK or
by 4 modules of distance learning followed by a one week practical course and one week theory course. Each week ends with an independent external examination.
Call the college secretary Rosie Brandrick on the training hotline 01455 615436
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Upcoming courses registration form and dates Prospectus Find out moreShirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd is a truely global network of over 6000 aroma professionals many of who received their aromatherapy training at the company's Hinckley UK training centre or at correspondent colleges worldwide. SP's factory provides 10,000 aroma items a month, essential oils, vegetable oils, hydrolats, moisturisers and skincare of the finest quality to Shirley Price professionals and leading retailers of health and wellness products. Items are boxed and barcoded.
The Company is famous for its international training department the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy ('SPICA') which remains active teaching the Complementary therapies of aromatherapy, reflexology and beauty therapies. Teaching at Hinckley UK is delivered by highly qualified and experienced Principal Tutors each of whom have their own training centres in their countries. Meet theTutors Sara Gelzer MIFPA (Distance learning), Jan Benham MIFPA (aromatherapy diploma, IFPA upgrade, Cosmetic making and use workshops), Sue Jenkins MIFPA (academic lead), Christine Courtney MIFPA (CPD), Elaine Zimmermann MIFPA (Chemistry, Botany) Madelaine Knapp Hayes MIFPA (Aromatherapy for Health Professionals). More tutors are to be found at the worldwide correspondent colleges. See www.ShirleyPriceAromatherapy.com for individual countries. The Company Directors are P. I Brealey BSc FCA, Chairman and Dr M Jaspal MB BS, Director Training.
Visiting us. The Factory is open to the public from 9am to 5pm. Larger groups of over 5 please call.
Tuscany Lavender, Cosmetic Making Workshops 10-17 July 2011 Hinckley UK, Clear Aloe Gel in bulk sizes and acrylic 15ml, Marinoel Cosmetics provide Label, Box and Packaging innovation to Shirley Price Aromatherapy, Aromatime education innovation Find out more news in the Shirley Price Magazine
Level One Training - Distance Learning
Level Two Training - IFPA upgrade for qualified medical, complementary, beauty and sports professionals
Level Three Training - Aromatherapy Diploma
Level Four training - First aid, workshops, CPD courses
Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd 8 Hawley Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE100AN Terl: 01455 615466 F: 01455 615054
SKYPE ID ShirleyPriceAromatherapy Facebook
Gill Docherty Customer Service, Payments | Rosie Brandrick PA, College Secretary | Kelly Day Operations | George Brealey BA Technical Manager | Directors Mr Ian Brealey BSC FCA, Chairman, MD Dr MS Jaspal MB BS
Safety leaflet | MSDS Library | Product Data Sheets
www.ShirleyPrice.jp | www.ShirleyPrice.kr | www.ShirleyPrice.cn | www.ShirleyPrice.my

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100% natural essential oils and carriers, NHS/Pharmacy List DOWNLOAD catalogbarcodes

DVD introduction to Shirley Price Aromatherapy with Victoria Sprigg

You can find the Good Health, Swiss Reflex and Aromatherapy DVDs by clicking on these pictures

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