Friday, 24 September 2010

Shirley Price Aromatherapy

Even our competitors acknowledge there is something unique and valuable about Shirley Price Aromatherapy. This is of course down to the loyal Shirley Price staff. They see all the comings and goings and everyday ensure customers and tutors receive the finest aromatherapy products and backup. When the customers dont order the staff cut back their hours and when a large order comes in they all set to and ensure the work is not held back.

Over the years older employees have welcomed and ensured younger employees can take things on and above all have their commitment to quality and the company. Standards are clear and work does not leave the factory that is not a credit to the company. Training is not given that is second rate. This culture of excellence gives me a great deal of freedom to travel and improve my knowledge and bring this back to the factory.

This month I am travelling with a staffer from one of the most respected names in sourcing essential oils and vegetable oils. Next week its off to the IFPA conference in Worcester on 2nd October. This conference is very well supported by essential oil companies old and new. In fact this time I think there are near as many essential oil company staff as delegates!


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