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Shirley Price Aromatherapy background

Shirley Price is a trusted name in the field of aromatherapy training and supply of professional aromatherapy oils for academic study and professional use.  Shirley Price herself authored many bestselling aromatherapy books and remains active in the field of aromatherapy.  Please note Shirley Price founded Shirley Price Aromatherapy in 1974 and retired and sold Shirley Price Aromatherapy in 1997.  Since then the business has had two former owners and three differant principal tutors as businesses do.

Both owners and tutors have been committed to the highest standards of aromatherapy training and aromatherapy products and substantial private equity investment has been made in the Company.  The Company's staff continue to set the highest standards in complementary therapies, beauty and sports therapies.  Shirley Price Aromatherapy is an excellent place to work and attracts first class staff, distributors and correspondents.

Today there are four tutors who are members of IFPA, IFA and FHT involved in the UK and more worldwide, several alumni tutors are authors and university lecturers in their own right with their own businesses and colleges,  providing the famous Shirley Price accredited aromatherapy diploma training.  Over 1000 students have been trained since 1997, some 6000 in all.  The college alumni form an important part of the Shirley Price family.

Shirley Price Aromatherapy continues to produce natural products to its distributors orders.  The acquisition of Lothian Herbs Aromatherapy a well known supplier of essential oils to Lloyds Pharmacy took the Aromatherapy Products for retailers to a differant level.  The company through the ECRM network remains in touch with the worlds leading retailers bringing innovative new products to the market.  All products are barcoded, boxed and tested.  Aloe Vera products, herbal creams and gels and Bach Flower remedies, organic natural skincare certified by the Soil Association are important product ranges.  The NHS is an important customer.

Training aromatherapists and buying essential oils is a complex and a very personal business.  The French wholesalers are well thought of however Italy is also an important producing country as is Argentina, Madagascor, Morocco and China.  Where we can we take the whole output direct from the farm rather than wholesalers.  On the training side the school and correspondent colleges worldwide remain highly active.  On can be found details of Shirley Price Aromatherapy training in 40 countries worldwide.  Our dream of an open network of Aromatherapy Schools devoted to training excellence in all the worlds major cities moves a little closer each quarter with correspondent schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Eire, USA and Canada.

Our core oil the Lavender in our massage blends, creams and gels comes from our  farmer in the Tuscan hills in Italy.  We supply Italian citrus oils which are organic and fresh season and excellent value.  Asia is an important market for the company's products.  Shirley Price Aromatherapy is a leading aromatherapy retailer in Beijing and Shanghai and staff and tutors support a number of educational initiatives.

Shirley Price herself remains very active and can be contacted at or at  Shirley Price in her comments on this web page sometimes refers to the brief administration of the company in 2006.  The administrator made an adverse report of this affair as the manager of the company took the company into administration without informing the owners.  The owners had to buy back their own company from the administrator!  Naturally the company's staff and customers were upset. All long ago.

The Shirley Price staff have  built on the foundations that Shirley and Len Price laid particularly in the area of publishing, educuation and professional trade bodies in particular in the 1974-1997 period and are very grateful for them.

Aromatherapy remains one of the most useful of the complementary therapies with its blend of ancient wisdom and modern scientific development and understanding.  Above all it is fun.  Students experience a six month rush of aroma enthusiam which for some like us lasts a lifetime!  Training is quickly, inexpensively and readily acquired.  Aromatherapy remains a core discipline in the complimentary, beauty and sports therapists toolchests.

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