Thursday, 11 March 2010

Welcome to March

Brrr The factory doesnt feel so cold now the days are getting longer in England.

Thanks for all the lovely comments. We particularly like letters telling us how you are getting on with the oils. They make us feel really special.

One of our students has come up with glorious goatsmilk soaps with essential oils made to professional standards and Sp labels. These really are nice and leave the skin feeling really soft. Student visitors to the shop get one as a thankyou with their oils.

We are welcoming a number of new distributors for training from China committed to real aromatherapy in their cities. Our chamomile eyedrops are in full production and we have stocks ready to go for the busy chinese spring. These are very popular and sell in some 100 chinese universities to help students cope with tired eyes. Their production involves three times filtration and illustrates the homeopathic principle of successive dilution improving the effect of the active agent. One day science will understand these supermolecules. Once filled they are irradiated so they are sterile. Please store the eyedrops carefully ideally in the fridge and discard three months after opening.

The oils are more accessible than ever. The organic and conventional selection is on Amazon. FREE next day delivery. Details below.

We have in a very tidy new student wooden storage case in a really nice elmwood, with 50 hole foam insert for the oils in a tray which lifts out and a space below for carriers. Its much handier than the big practicioner cases and costs just £25 with the oils or £40 if bought separately.

The Sp College staff are at full stretch. A module 2 and a module 4 in the same month. This module 4 we have three of the four students on module 4 going for the all important IFPA exams. We wish them the very best of luck. Louise Carta MIFPA and Marion Fewkes MIFPA both principal tutors will be there to guide them to a successful conclusion.

Module 2 - March 15-20

Module 4 - March 22-28

Theres loads of info on the courses online or give Louise a call. She is in Mondays and Thursdays when not teaching.

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